Interesting Facts of White Walkers in Game of Thrones

White Walkers

White Walkers are the humanoid creature from the Fantasy tv show of HBO name Game of Thrones, And George R.R. Martin novel series A Song of Ice and Fire. These are consist of the dead army and big trouble for humans in Game of Thrones. In Game of Thrones, we experienced from very first season 1 death men and dark shadows many times these are the indications about White Walkers and dead Army.

After season 1, they grow slow and become a great army to beat the human. The only hurdle between them and humans is The Great Wall where Night’s Watch guard hold the charge and keep their eyes on it about any of abnormality. In every season we can see little bit glimpse of White Walkers and their death army. Death army of White Walkers can b killed by Dragon Glass or Fire. in last season of Game of Thrones they openly appeared and challenged all the kings and queens.

Their first attack is seen in season 7 where they attack with their full strength on¬†Wildlings land and destroy everything more interesting fact first they killed a human after their death their leader White Walker wake them up after death and include all of the dead humans in their death army that’s the main reason behind their strength.

White walkers, White Walkers dragon


Death Army

Death army lead by White Walkers. This army consists of all the dead people who are the victim of White Walkers. This army is full of a scary man with blue eyes and crazy skeleton-Zombie faces. In season 7 they attack great wall with their leader the more interesting fact about white walkers they commonly look like a human, but they have long height and blueish eyes and have extremely great power to destroy anything which becomes a hurdle on their way. The use of horses to ride and also a horse face like a zombie. If they touch anything that becomes ice and broken into pieces.

White Walkers Dragon

Whit Walkers have dragon in upcoming Game Of Thrones season 8, actually this dragon belong to Daenerys Targaryen she has 3 dragons but in last season of GOT during the fight between King in the north Jon Snow and their loyal warriors when they ultimately lost between thousand of death army warriors Khaleesi came with her three dragons and destroyed them all but during all this drama White walker put his arrow towards one dragon. After when arrow approaches the right to the dragon.

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Dragon falls on the ground in a deadly condition, And Queen Daenerys Targaryen lost her one baby (Dragon). After the fight death army takes dragon out from the water, The leader of White Walkers put his hand on the face of Dragon and wake up in the shape of ice dragon now this dragon throw ice instead of fire and this will b the tragic and sad thing for the queen Daenerys and Jon Snow.


White walker Dragon, Death Army

White Walkers in season 8

Game of Thrones Season 8 White Walkers destroy almost every inch of the Great wall with the help of Dragon which throws ice from the face and this is the alarming situation for the people and Ruler of seven Kingdoms because in final season of Game Of Thrones they will return with full strength and become stronger after the entry of Ice Dragon in the squad of death army.

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