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Iain Glen

He is Scottish film tv stage actor, Born on 24 June 1961. He was born in Edinburgh in Scotland; He was married with Susannah 1993 to 2004 they had one son name. Finally in 1994. After the separation due to some personal reasons, Glen married to Charlotte Emmerson have one daughter from her name Marry born in 2007.

He won the Silver Bear for best actor in 40th Berlin International Film Festival due to his best acting skills in Silent Scream, After that, he was cast for the wold hit HBO TV serial Game Of Thrones as Jorah Mormont based on novel Ice and Fire fantasy based novel. He did a phenomenal job and showed his best acting skills.

Iain Glen, Jorah Mormont,Jorah Mormont Actor

Jorah Mormont

Jorah Mormont is the main key role in the Game Of Thrones, Worked for many kings and lords in his entire role in this series. Lord Eddard Stark sentenced him death due to his act of against the rule. He worked as a Spy for King Robert in kings landing and sent information about the Targaryen. After that, he falls for Daenerys and begins to work for her.

Many times he saved her from enemies and didn’t afraid to lose his life for her. That why he is Daenerys Targaryen most loyal person and always stay with her to guard her. He is the only person who brought Tyrion Lannister in the land of Dragons in front of his queen Daenerys. During this process, he was bitten by Stone man in the river he saved the Imp life from Stone men.

But during all this has disease and his body began to change into rotten pieces, This disease called ‘greyscale’ and this one diagnosed by Baratheon. The same symptoms on his daughter’s face. He gradually loses his strength day by day. Ser Jorah leaves his queen because of this disease.

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After that when he lost hope of his life, Samwell Tarly who is the friend of Jon snow and also served in nights watch secretly treat and cure of Ser Jorah and remove his scars on the body which is painful to watch but after that, he began to stable day by day. After that when he is almost fit physically, he again went to his Queen and began to serve her again.

Iain Glen, Jorah Mormont,Iain Glen movies and tv shows,

Jorah Mormont Actor

His real name isĀ Iain Glen but got fame through is role Ser Jorah Mormont in Game Of Thrones. He is always spy of his queen in deeply he loved her but didn’t tell her. That why he always stay with her and protect her from the enemies. And many times he has been seen jealous when someone other came near to her. He is very old character in GOT and will b a part of it in Game of Thrones Season 8.

Lain Glen Movies and TV shows

He worked in different movies some of his big movies are Jack Taylor (2010) Downtown Abbey (2010 2015) Cleverman (2016) My Cousin Rechal (2017) Resident Evil Extinction (2007) Red Tent (2014) Kingdom Of Heaven (2005) Ripper Street (2012 to 2016) City of Vice (2008) Prisoners Wives (2012 to 2013) The Iron Lady (2011) Painted Lady (1997) Silent Scream (1990) The Bad Education Movie (2015) The Wyvern Mystery (2000). But his most successful tv serial is Game Of Thrones which take him to the peak of success and make fans all around the globe.


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