How To Watch Season 8 Game of Thrones From VPN

Game of Thrones made millions of fans till now, This time we are going to witness the final and last season of the Throne 2019. Final Season 8 Premiere will be on 14, April 2019 9 PM USA time. This final season will consist of 6 episodes each episode have 1-week time delay along with different Run Time.

Game of Thrones, GOT 8

Game of Thrones is the HBO production, That’s why all broadcasting rights have this tv channel around the globe. But the problem is that there are many countries where HBO don’t have access that’s why HBO give broadcasting rights to other TV Channels in different countries especially for the Game of Thrones Season 8. But this is not done yet some countries are still empty for this great piece of Art. That’s why most people use VPN service in different countries by using this service you can connect directly the USA and then you can easily stream your desire Game of Thrones Final Season 8 within low price and good picture quality.

How To Watch Game of Thrones 8 By Using Express VPN

Best way to watch Game of Thrones Season 8 through Hotstar via Express VPN. As we everyone knows Hotstar is only available in India, This time HBO give broadcasting rights to Hotstar. If you are living in India and want to watch Game of Thrones Season 8 then you need to pay 999 Rs/Year to Hotstar $14.99 or there is another option for a monthly subscription in this you need to pay 199 Rs/Month for your desire TV Show.


There is another option if you want to watch online Game of Thrones 2019, Then Express VPN is the best option anywhere in the world. By using this VPN you can easily excess your desire TV Show. There are some specific charges for Express VPN $14/Year (999 Rs) or $3/Month (199Rs).

Steps to Instal Express VPN

1 Sign Up for Express VPN.

Game of Thrones, GOT 8

2 Download and Install the Express VPN on Your Device. (Where you want to watch GOT 8)

3 Go to the ( App and sign up for the premium account ($14/year or $3/month).

4 After that, you will open a list of different countries, And you need to select one country according to your desired program and tv show after that you will freely enjoy live streaming.

Why Express VPN?

There is another question why we use this VPN service instead of other services Because there are so many in the market. This is the best due to its past reputation and moreover, this VPN service is highly recommended by Hotstar TV network in India. This is the only VPN service who can also provide different services with premium quality like NFL (National Football League), Premier League or MLB.


This service can easily work on different operating systems like Windows, Mac, Andriod, iOS, Linux, Routers. There are specific browsers where you can easily install this VPN service and the most interesting thing is that these browsers are frequently using in daily routine life. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari.

Game of Thrones, GOT 8

In market, there are many other VPN and their costs are less the Express VPN, But there is a huge difference like Express VPN have these best qualities Best Customer Support, Massive Investment in Products (It means they spend a lot of money to buy things or broadcasting right of different tv shows, Channels or sports leagues), Ultimat Bandwidth, 30 days money back guaranty, You get what you pay for.

All these things make this service different or unique from other services, That’s why this is the best way to watch your favorite programs by sitting your home.

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