#hbo2019 Releases New Footage Game of Thrones Season 8

We are getting close with every day passing towards Game of Thrones Season 8, Final Season 8 will be premier on 14, April 2019. Its more than two years we are waiting for season 8 because last time we saw this in 2017 and nowhere, we are in 2019 and can feel how we spend this time without Game of Thrones. The craze pf the fans gradually increasing day by day the main reason behind this thing is that this will be the final season and it will be the end of the Game of Thrones 9 years long Journey.

If we put light on the last season, then we can feel and assume how entertaining this will be the GOT 8 season. There are lots of things that will reveal on this final season like Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen when came to know how they are blood relatives by past. And one more important thing Jon Snow is not a bastard son of Eddard Stark.

If we did a short review about the season 7 in Kings Landing Cersei Lannister have Pregnant tummy when Tyrion Lannister came to meet her in the Castle of Iron Throne, So there are so many things and answers that we will get from season 8. Thanks to HBO who make this happen in 14, April after a long Waite and also share some short clips after some times.

Today HBO releases 6-second short clip in which Arya Stark Looking on the sky while Army soldier was marching from her and she saw a Dragon flying on their head, and she remarkably looks like surprising. And also people behind Arya Stark are afraid of huge Dragon, Seems to look like a war condition.

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So this is it many fans all around the world start predicting about this short clip. This is the indication about the big war the war which was we listened from the very first season the war between “Ice and Fire” the war between Human and White Walkers, The War between life and death, The battle of survival.

HBO also releases some promo and trailer about Game of Thrones Season 8 before, but this will be the best and interesting one from the others. HBO 2019 is going to the premier the season 8 first episode on 14 April 2019, So it’s just a month between us because mostly crazy fan spends some weeks by discussing this footage on Arya Stark and make the connection about Dragon and Arya alongside the Army marching.

HBO also revealed the most important characters list along with their final season 8 costumes, If we look on these pictures then we came to known Arya Stark is very important along with Sansa Stark. And more thisĀ  Game of Thrones final season 8 short footage that releases HBO clear the importance of Arya Stark for the last season.

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This is the indication that she will be the part of Warriors along with Dragon’s because she is fearless and also faceless and brave from the start, And even a great interest in sword fighting more over she has Valyrian Steel sword (Needle), So its time to wrap up this story and we will look forward to the new footage or short video of final season.

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