Hannah Waddingham Septa Unella Actress and Death

Hannah Waddingham Biography

Hannah Waddingham was born in Wandsworth, London, England on 16, November 1974, and She is 44 years old. She appeared in the single episode of TV Series Coupling and William & Mary in the original London Stage Production of The Beautiful Game and Tonight’s the night. She is actress plus singer too, In 2000 her track “Our Kind Of Love” make the place in top 40 single charts. And made her more famous. When it comes to her family, they were opera singers.

Hannah Waddingham did numerous movies like, How to Lose Friend & Alienate People, Les Miserables, 12 Monkeys, And the one HBO Fantasy tv serial which rose the fame of Hannah Waddingham every wear and made her famous worldwide Game of Thrones in this TV serial she played the character of Septa Unella.

Hannah Waddingham , Game of Thrones

Her net worth is near about $5.5 Million In the age of 44 she is still stunning and gorgeous, but the fact is that she is single and enjoying her life by a focus on her work. There is no controversy about her relationship in the past or present. She is not an actor on many social media use a Twitter account, and she has 10 thousand followers on her account. When it comes to Hannah Waddingham body measurement, her height is 5’9”(176 cm). Her body weight is 145 lbs with blue eyes and blonde hair.

Septa Unella

Sept Unella is the character of Game of Thrones. She lives in Kings Landing, and she is one of the followers of High Sparrow. High Sparrow is the leader of the religious sect known with the name of Sparrows. Septa Unella is the one who cut the hair of Cersei Lannister and stripped naked and performs a walk of atonement as a punishment for doing some intimate and nude things with her cousin.

High Sparrow and Septa Unella along with the followers of High Sparrow put Queen in the cell. While Cersei Lannister walking through way to cell people throw rotten eggs on her and said Shame Shame, all this drama happen in Game of Thrones Season 5 When Jaime Lannister is out of Kings Landing.

Septa Unella, Game of Thrones

Septa Unella Actress

Hannah Waddingham is 44 years old an English actress who played the character of Septa Unella in Game of Thrones. And become worldwide famous due to her best acting and dialogue delivery skills. She was the follower of High Sparrow. Moreover, she was the one who cut the hair of Queen Cersei Lannister and removes her clothes and walks her away from the Iron Throne by the sin of doing some adult stuff with her cousin and put her in the jail.

Septa Unella Death

Septa Unella was died in Gam of Thrones Season 6 episode 10 where Cersei Lannister lay her down on the wood bench and throw red wine on her body and say again and again “Confess Confess You are the one who humiliates me Starving me Cut my hair” After that Queen of Kings Landing said “I do things because it feels me good I killed my husband because I feel good”.

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During this conversation, Cersei Lannister revealed that she was the one who killed High Sparrow. Cersei Called Ser Gregor Clegane in this room and said to him do whatever you want to do and shut the door by saying Shame Shame. So this is it the character of Septa Unella. Maybe she will be the Part of Game of Thrones Season 8. This was the first time after the combat of Oberyn Martel with Gregor Clegane when he removes the helmet from his scary face.

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