Gregor Clegane Height Actor and Face

Gregor Clegane

Gregor Clegane when this name comes in mind a most aggressive warrior or brutal one all thee phrases came in mind . He is the elder brother of the Sandor Clegane and also lives in Kings Landing with him. Both brothers protect kings of seven kingdoms. Sandor Clegane is more loyal to starks then him he is the only one who help Arya to run away from Kings landing.

Gregor is the personal bodyguard of Queen Cersei Lannister he always stay with her and follow her orders. He is the only one who bring back Cersei when people of Kings Landing against her and put her in the cell he killed many warriors to prove his loyalty towards his Queen. More over his Queen blindly trust on him due to his height and and fighting style.

Once when people around the world gave him a tittle of “Mountain”, When he killed most experience person who is fighting for the Tyrion Lannister to make his reputation clear after the joffrey death because every one include his sister blame Tyrion for kings death. For that he beg in the court to fight against Gregor Clegane with his favorite man Oberyn Martell in trail combat.

Oberyn is over confident and drinking before the fight Tyrion warn him against the moster Gregor but he didnot listen in the end he killed by the Mountain in a very badly manner. After that no one try to fight against him. He killed many men and their throat cut out from their body with the one order of his Queen.

Gregor Clegane.Gregor Clegane height

Gregor Clegane Height

He is moster in size and very cruel portrayed in Game of Thrones his real name Hafþór Júlíus belongs from Iceland. His role name in this HBO fantasy tv serial “The Mountain” , His height is 6 feet 9 inches 6’9” (2.06) in meters. and weight more then 180 Kg  400 pounds.

Gregor Clegane Face

When it come to his face always cover with a helmet because of his fear and character presentation in the fans of Game Of Thrones. in season 7 his half face turned into monster along with his red eyes. He always kept his face under the helmet and walk with his queen to guard him. His new look in season 7 surprised everyone in the world that make him more dangerous and scary. In starting seasons of GOT he did not cover his face and fight openly but with the passage of time and season day by day he become more dangerous  and brutal in fighting.

Gregor Clegane,Gregor Clegane height and face

Gregor Clegane Actor

He is monster and cruel person of Game Of Thrones never beg for mercy in any point of hi character, Killed hundred of people with his long and big size sword. His little brother also a Giant and a great warrior but he is always against him and his thinking. Mostly people known him with the name of “Mountain” because he is tall in size and weight. That’s the main reason Cersei always take him close to fight against her enemies.

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