Game of Thrones Star ESMÉ BIANCO Shares Disturbing Photo

ESMÉ BIANCO Tweet About Domestic Abuse

We are all busy and waiting for the Final Season 8 of the Game of Thrones Series. But here is the most shocking new Game of Thrones star Esmé Bianco who played the character of Ros in HBO Fanatsy TV Serial Game of Thrones and also the most beautiful lady on the entire series.  She shares some photos of domestic abuse in her social account twitter.

These picture are beyond the limits, Esmé  also use the hashtag of #imanotwell, No body know what she was suffering by look she look like happy girl and she play the character of Ros in Game of Thrones where she was always smiling and enjoying her character. But Esmé Bianco is totally change in her personal life.


Today Esmé  share her back photo where we can see some serious scars, Actually Esmé  was the victim of domestic abuse some years ago. If we read her tweet we can find some serious problems from she going through. Esmé Bianco said in her tweet.

“This is my back. The Injuries you see are real. The whipping that i got here was filmed in the name of “art”. Despite the many years that have passed since this happened my night terrors and PTSD symptoms continue to get worse. I am domestic violence survivor and #IamNotOk”.

in another tweet along with her old picture Esmé said.

In this photo my boyfriend giving me my birthday present. Despite the plastered on smile i can see the emptiness and fear in my eyes. We went for dinner later and he spent the whole evening berating me because he didn’t want to go out. I was not ok then and #IamNotOk now.

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Well this is very sad to know about her she also revealed some time ago that she had normalised bad behavior for many years and she did not know how to overcome this thing. ESMÉ many times speaks about her unhealthy mental disorder due to her past. Many times she post about her bad mental health we can see there are many pills photos.

She was suffering a lot of things in her past, She also describe ” I had been locked in the bedroom alone and can’t sleep. I was surviving on very little food and was physically and mentally exhausted. I often was not allowed to sleep”.

you can imagine if some on suffering from all these situations how can she survive. well she is very brave lady who have courage to speak all about her past.

ESMÉ BIANCO Ros Game of Thrones

Esmé Bianco was the part of Game of Thrones with the character name of Rose. She was whore in this american HBO Fantasy tv serial and done her role with best dialogue delivery, After this role she become world wide famous. If we discuss her character Ros in Game of Thrones first she was with Theon Greyjoy in Winterfall after that she moved to Kings Landing, Where she worked with Little Finger as an Whore after that she was killed by King Joffrey Baratheon iv very brutal way, That’s the end of her journey in Game of Thrones.


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