Game of Thrones Season 8 Ser Jorah is jealous of Jon Snow

Game of Thrones Season 8 will be premier on 14, April 2019. Fans start buzzing about the latest news and predictions what will happen next which character will die first who will sit on the Iron Throne. Mostly news comes out related to the Jon Snow Because in the previous season last episode Jon was with Mother of Dragons and also did some romantic stuff that creates the most potent love bond between both of them.

But there is a piece of bad news for both of them Because some famous characters hate Jon Snow because of his intentions towards Daenerys Targaryen. Ser Jorah is one of them because he loves Deny for a long time, And also saved her life from several times without taking care of his life, Once he reached to the door of death while trying to keep the most valuable person of the Mother of Dragons.

Ser Jorah  jealous of Jon Snow

Ser Jorah was suffering Mother of Dragons ignorance from a very long time since season one. Many times he tries to save her life. Daenerys Targaryen always considers him her most loyal person and nothing else, But Ser Jorah Mormont has deep feelings inside his heart and the first time he tells Mother of Dragon When she falls in love with Daario Naharis.

After that Jorah’s heart was broken completely but he never gives up and always stays loyal to his Queen, But in the previous season 7 when King in The North Jon Snow indulge with Daenerys Targaryen, when Jon came in Dragonstone for the help to fight against the White Walkers and Dead Army.

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Actor Iain Glen (Jorah Mormont) tells Entertainment Weekly during an interview about this thing.

I don’t know what people perceive, But in my mind, There was a significant shift when he lost her lover and made this journey to try and win it back, Once he won her favor again and was in her orbit. Of course, there has always been a profound love there but him wanting a reciprocal physical love has gone and he was just happy to be with her”.

Jon Snow always being polite to the people, Even if he was in Nights Watch on the high wall, Where Jorah’s father gave him a sword when Jon met Ser Jorah Mormont when they all were going to fight against the former army and white walkers. King in The North Jon try to give the sword to Ser Jorah, but he refuses to take it and says you are the right person who has guts to make it, My father gave it to you now it belongs to you.

Glen also say about Jon Snow,

“He is a good match with Daenerys Targaryen best interests in mind. It’s complicated, but i think he feels the that they would be a good unification and he’s basically supportive”.

One over one more character also revealed  He hate Jon Snow because he is getting closer with Mother of Dragons, This thing make trouble for him and vanish all their loyalties and services towards Mother of Dragons, Guess who this man is? He is Tyrion Lannister.

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So let’s wait and watch what will happen in the final Game of Thrones Season 8 If these things are right then how Queen Daenerys Targaryen menage all these things If she leaves her love for Jon then she will able to stay them close to her self. What if she chooses Jon and goes all of the loyal persons. Season 8 will reveal all these things that are coming on 14, April 2019.

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