Game of Thrones Season 8 Fans Theory About Gendry’s Mother

Game of Thrones Season 8 is almost near and just 1 month away to land on the HBO TV Channel. People start talking all the possibilities that will happen in the final season 8 Like who will sit on the Iron Throne, Who will die between the battle of Ice and Fire (White Walkers between Human) which character will die in this final season 8 GOT. When it comes to who will sit on the Iron Throne, many characters will claim to sit on the iron throne. Many people start talking about Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen but the fact that everyone ignores Gendry is one of them who is the bastard son of Robert Baratheon.

Gendry Mother

Many people say Cersei Lannister is Gendry’s birth mother, If we take a look back in season 1 when Robert Baratheon came in Winterfall Cersei tells Catelyn stark bout her stillborn son with raven hair. After that when Robert Baratheon tells Ned Stark about his son, Eddard Stark came to meet the boy (Gendry), After that Ned Stark asked Gendry about his mother he said the only thing he remembers she had blond hair and she would sing to him.

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If we together with all these hints there are many great chances Gendry is a son of Cersei Lannister. Because if we take a look at the back season, 1 Cersei also told lady of Winterfell Catelyn stark I have lost my one son. May b this was Gendry because Cersei Lannister always wants Lannisters blood in their next generation who will sit on the iron throne after Robert Baratheon.

She always hated Robert Baratheon due to his bad drinking habits. That’s why Cersei have a secret incest relation with his brother Jaime Lannister. And have three children from his brother. All these possibilities make sense that Cersei Lannister is the birth mother of Gendry. Moreover, people start talking about these things before season 8.

Gendry Game of Thrones Season 8

Gendry will be necessary for the Game of Thrones Season 8, Because there are many factors about Gendry why he is still the part of the game of thrones, why he is still alive in got, why Davos Seaworth always helps him, Why Melisandre tries to kill him to make Stannis Baratheon great king. In season 7 Gendry is with Davos Seaworth in Winterfell to fight against White Walkers. He is the one who can fight with big size hammer and also kill many dead army members.

Fans of Game of Thrones make him favorite for the Iron throne, Because of his rich blood line and no one know about him. Gendry is now with Jon Snow along with Daenerys Targaryen for the fight against white walkers. Well, the game of thrones seasons eight will reveal all these things. HBO Fantasy tv serial Game of Thrones will be premier its final season 8 on 14, April 2019. This will be the final and last season of nine years long journey.

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Fans are crazy about the final season 8 because of its been a long wait for this epic serial. That’s why fans make predictions about many things along with characters. That who will live and who will die more important thing who will sit on the Iron Throne, So Gendry is one of them and also in the list who will sit on the Iron Throne.

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