Game of Thrones Releases Season 8 Teaser and Official Premiere Date

Game of Thrones Final Season 8 Releasing Date

Game of Thrones releases the Premier date of Game of Thrones season 8 last night its 14 April 2019, And also release a teaser where we can see Sansa Stark Arya Stark and Jon Snow. Game of Thrones is HBO Fantasy tv series seven seasons have been on air before this one. Everybody in this world is eagerly waiting for season 8 because it’s been almost two years since when last season on the air, Moreover this is the final season of this series. This entire season basses on George R.R Martin novel Song of Ice and Fire.

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GOT Final Season 8 Teaser Arya Sansa and Jon Snow

Game of Thrones releasing date is announced last night this is the big news of GOT fans all around the world because people are waiting for so long about this one is more than one years without Game of Thrones because of last season telecast in 2017. Now, this is the final season 8 of GOT. This is also a reason why fans are crazy about this one.

Last night HBO released it teaser along with the final date in this teaser we can see Arya Stark (Maisie Williams)  Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) and their step-brother Jon Snow (Kit Harington). They all standing in Crypts in Winterfall and walking through the memorial statues of past season characters like (Ned Stark Catelyn Stark).

Game of Thrones season 8 teaser, Game of thrones season 8 releasing date

Game of Thrones Season 8 Teaser and Premiere Date

Last night After a long time and many rumors finally Game of Thrones release its final season 8 date its 14 April 2019 and also release a teaser in which most important characters are shown. They are all shown in a basement, and suddenly a cold layer of wind came and covered all the area where the three were standing in front of their father and mother statue.

This cold icy air is the sign of winter has come and evil things like white walkers and their death army. Moreover, this was mentioned by Ned Stark’s in every 1st season, When winter comes, it is so long, and we are stark’s, and we can survive in this winter. In this teaser, we can see most strong pillars of Winterfell and Stark’s family. But the one thing missing we didn’t see Bran Stark in this teaser.

Game Of Thrones Releasing Date

This promo is the indication of White Walkers and their evilness because in winters there is a concept they face many bad things. As we can see in last season, 7 White walkers captured the Dragon of Daenerys Targaryen, and with the help of this Dragon, they destroy the Great Wall that is the only thing between death army or evil things and human in Game of Thrones.

In this teaser, we can see cold and Icy air covered everything even the statue of their old masters and parents. Moreover, there is one clue in this teaser we see one feather of the eagle in this video; This is the sign of life against ice. That’s the point or seen about which Melisandre describe in last season I join the ice and fire together.

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Many fans give their views about this teaser some are very happy and excited about this video, and some are unhappy because there is one thing misses in this Bran Stark. And many fans all around the globe asking why he is not there with three of them.??


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