Game of Thrones Party Foods Before The Premiere of Season 8

Gam of Thrones Season 8 is just 1 day away from now, Every fan around the globe is eagerly waiting for the Sunday night Because it’s been almost 2 long years without Game of Thrones. Many fans are buzzy to host final season party and make plans to watch the First Episode along with family, Friends, Colleagues.

But here is interesting thing notice for the very first time many shops or foods points start making Game of Thrones Party Foods for the premiere of Final Season to make that moment memorable for the rest of their life. There are a great game of thrones part idea if you want to make it on your house.

Game of Thrones Appetizers

Well, this is the time of Game of Thrones Season 8, And now this is the peak time for the fans because this will be the last and End of The Throne. So fans want to make it a little bit more memorable by celebrating the final season 8 premiere along with close one. Many people start making Game of Thrones characters or logos shapes food around the world.

Some are making commercially in markets or some are making at home. So here we have a complete detail about a game of thrones party and foods.

Dragon Eggs

Many people start making dragon eggs in the shape of foods and enhance the beauty of their dining tables in dinners or parties for the premiere of season 8.

Game of Thrones Food

For this purpose, you need to put each egg in Ziploc bag along with few drops of food color in (Blue). After that, you need to boil them in a very long time creat cracks image on them.

Theon Greyjoy Special

Well, we have another dish if you remember Ramsay Bolton the cruelest and evil mind character on the history of Game of Thrones. What he did to Theon Grejoy.

game of thrones, GOT 8

This dish is completely based on that scenario. This dish is Pre-made puff pastry and packaged bratwurst. This is a very easy and simple dish you can easily make on your home to celebrate the game of thrones food party.

Eddard Stark’s Head

If you remember when Game of Thrones starts, Everybody thinks Eddard Stark is the main character and he will live at the end of the Throne, But King Joffrey cut his head in front of his elder daughter Sansa Stark and hang his head on the stick in front of King’s landing. Our next recipe indicates that moment.

Game of Thrones, GOT 8

This recipe is called lemon cake pops, The head is completely filled lemon cake, You need special expertise to make this one. But these are available in market or bakery.

Great Sept of Baelor Jelly

We have another game of thrones recipe in the list, That is Cersei Lannister’s favorite weapon. If you remember the Great Sept of Baelor. This incident happened in King’s Landing when many famous characters died.

game of thrones party

There is no need to buy this thing from the shop or market, You can easily make on your home wherever you want to celebrate the Game of Thrones party. For this, you need to use ginger ale instead of water and lemon flavored liquid.

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