Game of Thrones Everything Need to Know About Westeros

Game of Thrones is the HBO Fantasy TV. This is the most watched tv serial every. Till now seven seasons of GOT on air and make millions of fans all around the globe. Now fans are eagerly waiting for the Game of Thrones Season 8. Because of GOT returning after two long years, Moreover, this will be the final season of the nine years long journey of the Throne that started since 2011.

If we focus all these previous seasons there is a common thing in all these seasons, That is Westeros why people are curious about this place why everyone talking much about this place, Whats special on it.


If we put light on the Game of Thrones, There are seven kingdoms and King’s Landing is the capital of Seven Kingdoms. Located in the East coast of the Westeros. King’s Landing is situated along the Kingsguard and Blackwater. If we look at previous seasons then we came to known we heard Blackwater many times.

Game of Thrones

Exactly this was the place where Stannis Baratheon fought against Joffrey Baratheon after that this place was famous by the name of Blackwater.

Now the most important fact that we need to discuss who is the Present King of the Westeros, If we count this from the previous list then King Aerys ll was the first one who sits on the Iron Throne in King’s Landing and takes the charge of Westeros, After that King Robert Baratheon murdered King Aerys with the help of House of Lannister. During the Battle of Robert Rebellion.

But the most interesting thing is that Why King Aerys ll Targaryen was killed even Tywin Lannister was served him and Tywin was the head of House Lannister. Because during in old times The Mad King insulted the wife of Tywin when she gave birth Tyrion Lannister, That’s the main reason Tywins elder son Killed King Aerys ll Targaryen by putting a sword on his back with the help of Robert Baratheon.

After that Robert Baratheon sit on the Iron Throne in King’s Landing in Westeros and ruled The Seven Kingdoms and married with Tywin’s daughter Cersei Lannister, After the death of Robert Baratheon Joffrey Baratheon hold the charge of King’s Landing in Westeros and now Cersei Lannister is sitting on the Iron Throne in Kings Landing and rule the Westeros.

There is another interesting fact about Westeros, There is a place famous by the House of Stark called Winterfell is the coldest place and also pledge their loyalty for the Westeros. There is a famous quote of the House of Stark’s “Winter is Coming” because in winter there are thousands of Evil things pop out.

That is very dangerous for the people of Westeros, If we take a look at previous season 7 when Jaime Lannister brother of Cersei left Kings Landing. Because winter is coming and they need to fight against the dead army and white walkers, Winterfell is the first place on their route towards Kings Landing in Westeros.  Season 8 Game of Thrones will be consist on this great battle name Battle of “Ice and Fire”. Let’s see what will happen because there are just 2 weeks remaining for the final season 8 of the Throne.

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