Daniel Portman Podrick Payne Actor Death and Quotes

Daniel Portman Biography

Daniel Portman was born on 13 February 1992, in Glasgow, United kingdom. He is a Scottish actor and have Scottish ethnicity. His family belongs to acting his father name is Ron Donachie and Mother name is Fiona Biggar. Daniel mostly spend his childhood time in Strathbungo along with his sister Naomi Porter. Daniel start his early education from Shawlands Academy. After that he get HNC in acting and start performing Reid Kerr College in Paisley.

Daniel Portman net worth round about $750,000 , He is Aquarius by his date of birth. When it comes to his height he is 5 ft 9 inches with brown hair and brown eyes. His first major break through was in 2010 when he joined Outcast with the character name of Paul. Daniel joine Sniper Pal 2 in 2016. In 2011 he was selected in Award wining HBO Fantasy tv serial Game of Thrones with the character name of Podrick Payne. This role leads him to the peak of success and fame.

Daniel Portman, Game of Thrones

He always stay focus in his work there are no controversy about his career and personal life in his 26 years of age. He always busy in his work and stay away from negative things and different controversies. He is single and have no relation in past.

Podrick Payne in Game of Thrones

Podrick Payne is the fictional character of Game of Thrones, He always stay calm and stay simple in Battle of Black water Podrick save the life of Tyrion Lannister, By killing the man who is nearly kill Tyrion, After that Tyrion take him to the home and become his closer man, After the Purple Wedding festival When Joffrey died by the poison in his drink mixed by Olenna Tyrell, In a council highe authority sentced Tyrion in a jail, At that time he leave him and start living and learning with the great warrior of all time Brienne of Tarth.

He always stay loyal to Brienne of Tarth and learn from her how to fight and become a good fighter. When both of them return to winterfall and she is teaching him how to fight when Tormund Giantsbane came across them and tease Brienne. At the same Time Arya Stark came to her and said to fight with her .

When Brienne of Tarth going towards Daenerys Targaryen, She came to the Sansa Stark and said to her Podrick payne is for your safety here but she refused and said m not child m a Lady of Winterfall. So that Podrick also go with Jon Snow towards Daenerys Targaryen where he met his old master Tyrion Lannister and Lord Varys.

 After that Jon Snow, Podrick Jorah Mormont and many other famous warriors go towards the dead army and capture one of them to present in front of Cersei Lannister for help to fight against White Walkers. Podric Payen will also the part of Game of Thrones Season 8.

Podrick Payne , Game of Thrones

Podrick Character in GOT

Podrick Payne is the important character of Game of Thrones, In the starting of the season he was with Tyrion and serve him as a close one. Once Tyrion Lannister take him to the Whore house of the Bronn, where many attractive ladies in the room and tell him to do whatever you wana do after some hours he came back when Bronn and Tyrion siting in a table and discuss some important thing and that time Tyrion asked to him is my coins worth or not and he silently standing in front both of them.After the death of Joffrey Podrick move with Brienne of Tarth towards Winterfall.

Podric Payne Famous Quotes

I never thought i’d see you again my lord (to Tyrion)

I liked a man. A kingsguard.

I pushed a spear through the back of his head.

I’m proud to your squire.

Podrick Payne Death

He is not dead yet, Once he and Brienne of Tarth Capture when they are helping Jaime Lannister but at that time Brienne swing her sword and set him free from the mouth of death.

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