Cersei Pregnancy Will Lead Her Towards The Death

Cersei Pregnancy

Cersei Lannister is the most powerful character of Game of Thrones, Played by Lena Headey. She is the Queen of King’s Landing and also holds the control of seven Kingdoms by sitting on the Iron Throne. But now thing gradually changed with the passage of the time in GOT. As we came towards the point if we look back in previous season 7 when Tyrion Lannister return after a long time in King’s Landing and met his elder sister in the castle.

When he saw his sister rubbing her bally during the discussion of some important things regarding the Great Battle “Ice and Fire”. And said “Are you pregnant” At that time Cersei Lannister become silent and shows the facial expression in a way of Yes.  So it means she is pregnant now.

Cersei Lannister, GOT 8

Cersei’s New Born Baby

So this is now clear our Queen is expecting a kid, There are many other things that we need to know and predict things. Who’s baby is that, Jaime Lannister? Or Euron Greyjoy. Because these are the two men who were very close to her in last season of Game of Thrones. But if we take a look and observe things. This might be Jaime Lannister Because he mostly stays at King’s Landing after when he lost his hand.

But there is another thing Jaime did not close to her sister because he loves Brienne of Tarth, And many times Euron Greyjoy visited King’s Landing and Queen also admit she will marry with him after Ellaria Sand.

Cersei Will Die

So this is a mystery and this needs to be solved, Game of Thrones Season 8 will solve all these complex things. According to the old myth when Cersei Lannister shows her hand to Maggy. At that time she predicts her death and said about this fourth pregnancy will lead her towards death. Now things are simple Her best and close family member leaves her and moves towards North Ser Jaime.

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And now there is no option except Euron Greyjoy, And everyone knows Euron Greyjoy is not a good man even he killed his elder brother for the Iron Island and Abducted his Niece and present her in front of Cersei to show his loyalty. If She will marry with him most probably Euron will Kill Cersei to rule alone on the Iron Throne and take the Charge of King’s landing with his large number of Navy Army.

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