Carice van Houten Melisandre Actress Age and Quotes

Carice van Houten

She is an Dutch Actress and get fame through his best acting skills in Game Of Thrones, Born in 5 September 1976 42 years old. She is Caucasian by her ethnic group, She start her study from Maastricht Academy of Dramatic and Arts. Her first project in big screen Suzy Q in 1999 and won Golden Calf for undercover kitty after 2 years.

In 2009 she won Platina Film Award and Golden Fil Award again in 2010, More over she won six Rembrant awards in 2007, 2008,2010,2011,2012,2013. Due to her best acting skills in Game Of Thrones her net worth is near about $5 Million. She is 66.5 inches tall and 61 kg, Brown hair and blue eyes.

She was married with Sebastian Koch after their breakup due to some unfortunate reasons now she is married with Guy Pearce and have one kid name Mote. Virgo by her date of birth, Her father name is Margje Stasse and mother name is Theodore van Houten.

Carice van Houten , Melisandre


When we hear this name one and only thing come in our mind the best character and actress of Best tv serial Game of Thrones. She is a slave and serve Stannis Baratheon.She has unique powers in her that she can see future and predict about the future thats why Stannis Baratheon take her with and always advice from her. And brought her to the castle and whenever they move she is always with him.

When Stannis Baratheon move with his army to the great wall she is with him and stay there when they leave more over she is the one who bring back Jon Snow after his death by using her power. After that she move to the iron throne to meet with Mother of Dragons. And after that she stay there and give her  useful advice’s by using her powers.

She is the only one who give a chance to basted mean Jon snow to play with her self but he refuse that thing make her more attraction towards him.Both the book and show reveals Melisandre Ruby’s necklace is the reason of her unique powers.

She told Lord Varys she would b return because she did her part of work by gathering ice and fire together . But in seens there is no prove of her death but according to her dialogue she done her part and she wanna die in her land more over she scared to lord Varys u will die in stranger land. May be she will seen in Final season Game of Thrones season 8.

Melisandre Quotes, Melisandre age,Melisandre Necklace,


Melisandre Age

Melisandre is near about 100 years old in Game Of Thrones, will live more then 400 years,Many people ask her age during the different interview of directors and procedures of GOT but they didn’t openly said about her age because they don’t want to  open the mystery. Because of her unique powers people are curios about her age and necklace.

Melisandre Actress

Due to her best acting skills she is the most searching character now days because she has a unique powers and more over she can see future and she is the only one bring back Jon Snow after his death when everybody lose hope,Because he is the king in the north. Her necklace is the main reason of her unique powers. She is the main reason to burn Stannis Baratheon daughter because of her half face is ‘Greyscale’ that she think she will bring bad fortune for the stannis.

Melisandre Quotes

1 ‘Soon comes the cold, and the night that never ends’

2 ‘What do you know of my heart, Priestess? What do you know of my sister’?

3 They need never know how difficult it had been, or how much it had cost her, That was a lesson Melisandre had learned long before Asshai; The more effortless the sorcery appears, The more man fear sorcerer.

4 There only one war life against death.

5 There are no shadows in the dark.

6 I pray for glimpse of azor ahai, and r’hllor shows me only jon snow.

7 The night is dark and full of terrors, but the fire burns them all away.

8 There only one hell, The one we live in now.

9 The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow.

10 Death by fire is the purest death.

11 I have been fighting for longer then you.

12 Death marches on the wall.

13 I have been ready to die for many years, If the lord was done with me, So be it, But he’s not.

14 Death is coming for everyone and everything. A darkness that will swallow the dawn.

15 Soon comes the cold, And the night that never end.

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