Arya and Gendry Reunion in Episode 1 Game of Thrones Season 8

Game of Thrones most awaited Episode 1was on air, Now there are many hidden things that need to be discussed before the Episode 2 Season 8 Game of Thrones. There are many reunions we have seen in this premiere of the GOT 8 on 14, April.

Arya And Gendry Reunion

Arya and Gendry met in this first episode of the Game of Thrones Season 8, They were together in starting the season of the Throne. After that they never met again, Many fan’s start discussing them. And now they finally met in the 1st Episode of the Season 8. Gendry is basically Blacksmith.

Game of Thrones

In this Episode of the GOT 8, he was busy making Dragonglass weapon to fight against the Night King and his army. At that time Arya Stark came to meet him along with a unique weapon picture and said him to make it for her for the Great Battle “Ice and Fire”. What was that? Is this a specially made for Night King? There are many questions raised after the Episode.

Arya Gave him a piece of Paper along with the interesting design on it, It is sort of modular spear along with the tip of Dragonglass. It can be separate within two pieces. This is a unique type of weapon, Actually, if you look in the previous season when Night King hunted the Daenerys Dragon. This weapon is especially on the base of Night King. Arya Stark gave the paper along with weapon picture, The one and only thing is written on it is Dragonglass.

Jon Snow and Arya Reunion

There is another interesting thing that we have seen in this first episode of the Game of Thrones 8, Arya Stark met with her brother Jon Snow after season 1. This is very emotional to see them together. They met near the red tree and shows each other their old and unique weapons. This is the best scene in the history of Game of Thrones by seeing Stark’s together after a long time, So this is it now from the Premiere of the Game of Thrones Season 8. The second episode of the GOT 8 will bring Great War.

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