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Anton Lesser Biography

Anton Lasser is an English actor born on 14, February 1952 on Birmingham England, UK, and He is now 65 years old. He did numerous British tv serials. He is also famous for his stage work with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Anton Lesser graduated from the University of Liverpool, After that he joined the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Anton Lesser did many movies like Disobedie (2017), The Girl in the Cafe (2005), Pirates of The Caribbean(2011), The Exception (2016), Allied (2016), He was also the part of different web series like The Crown(2016), Wolf Hall (2015), Endeavour (2013), The Hour (2011-2012), Dickensian(2015 -2016). He is also a part of Game of Thrones HBO Fantasy tv serial Game of Thrones with the character name of Qyburn.

Anton Lesser won Talkie Award for his audiobook recording of Charles Dicken’s  classic novel “Great Expectation.” He was married to Madeleine and had two kids and living a happily married life in Warwickshire. His height is 5’5” with brown hair and green eyes.

Anton Lesser, Game of Thrones


Qyburn is the fictional character of Game of Thrones, and This is the HBO Fantasy TV Serial based on George R. R Martin novel “The Song of Ice and Fire.” Qyburn is the former master who was thrown in starting of the season’s because he was involved in something harmful to the living people in Kings Landing. He was experimenting with living people to make new things.

He was kicked out from Kings Landing and, He was injured so badly during the  Robb Stark fight for the glory of Stark’s against Roose Bolton, After that when he was injured so badly Telisa Stark healed him after the war.

After that when he becomes fit, Roose Bolton sent him with Jaime Lannister because he was the secret alliance with Lannisters and didn’t want Jaime to die. After when Jaime’s hands cut off by the enemies, Qyburn is the one who heals Jaime Lannister wound. And all the way coming back to Kings Landing he was with him after that Brienne of Tarth joined Ser Jaime and helped him to reach in Kings Landing and during this journey many times she saved his life.

Qyburn , Game of Thrones

Qyburn is the one who healed the wound of Gregor Clegane when “The Mountain” fight against Oberyn Martell. There is a reason behind this fight Cersei Lannister and Tywin want to make a plan for the death of Tyrion Lannister after the death of King Joffrey Baratheon. And blame Tyrion, This was the fighting combat to prove Tyrion clean from the all accuses of Joffrey death, That’s why Tyrion chose Oberyn Martell against Gregor Clegane.

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Oberyn Martell put poison on his weapon but unluckily he was died but damaged a lot Gregor Clegane, Qyburn is the one who treats him and turned him into horrifying face than before with red eyes. We can see Qyburn in season 7 as a hand of the Queen Cersei, but his twin brother Ser Jaime is not happy with him and asked his sister why he is here. Qyburn is the one who advises using big arrow machine against Daenerys Targaryen Dragons in Goldroad Battle.

Qyburn Game of Thrones Actor

Anton Lesser is the one who played the character of Qyburn in Game of Thrones, and He is an English actor with the age of 65 years old. Qyburn is still part of Got and will be the part in Game of Thrones Season 8.

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