Game Of Thrones when we listen this word the one and only thing came in our mind is leadership legacy and honor. Its my first project about my professional career towards blogging, The basic reason behind creating this blog is m big fan of Game Of Thrones season and i want to share my vocabulary and idea through this site and tell the world what i think about this one.

I read different sites and blogs before starting this project and take idea from many good websites now here m presenting in front of the world my first ever site which is completely based on Game of Thrones actors their biography and character detail in this season. whenever i see game of thrones last season i think i should start my work and share my ideas with the world through proper channel because there are many time specially in fighting seens my goosebumps and i start thinking what a master piece of art.

There are many great actors in this season but my most favorite is Jon Snow, His struggle his patience and fighting skills make me realize if i can work with loyalty and give time to this blog i can also reach the goal which i set before starting this project.I hope u guys like my first effort and give your response through comments and appreciate this little effort