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4 Outdoor Activities for Summer 2020

This summer is going to be a season of canceled travel plans for many people. Perhaps job uncertainty means you’re putting money in the bank instead of into plane tickets, and perhaps you simply canceled plans in order to be on the safe side. Either way, if you’re stuck at home this summer, make the most of it with activities you can do right in your own back yard.


Swimming is the quintessential summer activity. If you’re lucky enough to have a pool, this summer will be the perfect time to enjoy it. If you’ve been thinking about installing one, contact Pittsburgh pool installers, or pool installers in your area. Even if you don’t have the space for a pool or can’t afford one, you can at least capture some of the spirit of it by sunbathing or by running a sprinkler. Recreate what you can in the space that you have.


Gardening is a summertime activity that is as practical as it is fun. Lots of people working from home for the first time, or facing substantially reduced workloads thanks to the pandemic, are now taking up gardening as a way to pass the time and maybe pad out their pantries as well. Buying seeds and dirt is a relatively inexpensive thing, and you can even grow some vegetables from kitchen scraps and cuttings. Gardening is a relatively low cost, low risk hobby that gets you out in the sun and potentially produces something delicious. 


Anyone living through the coronavirus pandemic will be unsurprised to hear that alcohol sales are up. That said, it’s not what you drink but how you drink it that really matters. Make sure that you have space outside where you can dit and get some sun while you drink whatever you are drinking, alcoholic or not.


Summer days are long and hot, but summer nights can be instantly enhanced with a cheerful campfire. Even if you can’t go camping, you can always put a fire pit in your back yard and toast marshmallows. As long as you are careful and safe, there’s no reason you can’t get at least some of the benefits of camping, even if your camping trip is canceled.

Just because this summer looks a little different from the summers that came before doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. Now more than ever, it’s worth it to get outside and enjoy the long lazy days of summer.